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Works List


Meanwhile. In other Dreams…

2 Keyboards, Drum Kit & Electronics. 5’

To be perf. 17th & 19th July 

Turner Sims (Southampton) & King’s Place (London)

Commissioned as part of LOVE LETTERS [WITH AI] supported by the University of Southampton Web Science Institute & Department of Music


Eagle in the Ropes

Orchestra. 8’

To be perf. 13th July 2023

Queen Elizabeth Hall

London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) Cond. Brett Dean

Commissioned by the LPO Young Composer Programme 2022/23


Sometimes. In Dreams. I Still…

Bass Clarinet (Bb), Soprano Saxophone (Bb), Grand Piano, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Violoncello, Tape. 10’

Perf. 5th May 2023

The Tung Auditorium

Riot Ensemble cond. Aaron Holloway-Nahum

Commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society (RPS) Composer Programme 2021/2022


[Intermittent] Cat (2022)

Tuba & Fixed Media. 10’

Perf. Future Music #3, 28th June 2022

International Anthony Burgess Foundation

Josh Allen


Prelude. To a Dream… (2022)

Piano, Clarinet & Cello. 120’

Work. 7th June 2022

Riot Ensemble


Waterwheel (2021)

Ob, Cl, Vln, Vla, Vc, Perc. 12’

Perf. 2nd December 2021 Ensemblehaus (Freiburg)

Ensemble Recherche


Sad Dog Eating (2021)

3Cl. PRiSM Sample RNN & Fixed Media. 6’

Perf. Future Music #2 18th June 2021

Laurel Saunders & Grace White


Dawn, on the Morning After the Storm (2021)

Bagpipe, Cl, Voice, Pno, 4Vln. 10’

Perf. Future Music Festival (17th June 2021)

Prof. Calum Semple OBE, Murray Wham, Dr Olivia Swann, Prof. Ewen Harrison,

Prof. Paul Klenerman, Dr Shona Moore, Dr Riinu Pius, Dr Louisa Pollock


‘I Want What They’re Having’ (2021)

Tba, Hn in F, Pno. 18’

Recorded 12th May 2021

RNCM Concert Hall

Trio Chordea


In All the Time Between (2021)

Tbn, B.Tbn, Tba. 6’

Recorded 9th May 

Oliver Bartlett, Asa Riley, Micah Scott


Output VI (2021)

3Cl & Fixed Media. 10’

Clarinet Trio and Electronics [3cl[Bb]]

Perf. 2nd March 2021 Online concert

Yanke Dai, Laurel Saunders, Grace White


A Length of String (2020)

Percussion Quartet [Vib, 3Mar]. 10’

Work. 30 November 2020

Brand New Percussion Quartet


Surface (2020) 

Small Ensemble [Fl,Asax[Eb], Bsn, Hn[F], Tpt[Bb], Vln]. 5’40”

Work. 26th October 2020

Brand New Ensemble


[U]nusual [m]etals (2020)

Audio/Visual Fixed Media

Singing Bowl. 6’

Perf. 10th June, online concert

Zakiya Leeming

Commissioned by INcógnito


Monolithos (2020)

Orchestra. 6’

Halle Orchestra Workshop Postponed due to COVID-19


Scaffold II (2020)

Piano Duet. 6’

Work. 15th Jan 2020, RNCM

Louis Perera & Fruzsina Szucs


His black box (2019)

Small Ensemble (Cl[Bb]dbl bcl[Bb], Perc, Vln, Vc). 8'
Perf. 1st Nov 2019, RNCM


Commissioned by the New Music Manchester Festival

Hub (2019) 

Wind Quintet. 10'

Perf. 19th September 2019, Manchester Museum

Festivo Winds

Commissioned by Connected Health Cities (CHC)


At the Node of Ranvier (2019)

Small Ensemble (Fl, Cl[Bb], Vln, Vc, Pno[+machine], tape). 8’

Perf. 13th June 2019, RNCM

Explore Ensemble

Commissioned by Future Music Festival


Mark 1 (2019)

Trio (Hpd, Pno, Vib). 10'
Work. 25th Feb 2019, RNCM

The Riot ensemble


String Quartet No.4 (2019)

String Quartet. 5’

Work. 13th Feb 2019

Elias Quartet


Constant, Intangible (for Piano) (2018)

Solo piano. 3’
Perf. 14th May 2018, Northern Ballet
Ethan Mitchell


Rennervate (2018) 

Small Ensemble (Ob, Asax[Eb], Mar, Pno). 8'
Perf. Mar 12th 2018, RNCM 
Robert Smith (Ob), Simeon Evans (Asax) Aaron Breeze (Pno), Aidan Marsden (Mar)

Commissioned by PRiSM for the British Science Week Celebrations


Duel Dances (2018)

Orchestra. 10'
Perf. 26th April 2018, RNCM
RNCM Brand New Orchestra


Wind Quintet No.1 (2017) 

Wind Quintet. 2'
Perf. 11th March 2017, RNCM 
Prima Quartet

Commissioned by RNCM Budafest 


In Shade, Out (2017)

Saxophone Quartet. 5' 


Constant, Intangible (2016) 

Solo piano. 3'
Unperformed (first movement later performed)


Hush (2014) 

Solo Baritone. 8' 
Perf. 3rd May 2014, RNCM 
Robert Brooks


String Quartet No.3 (2014) 

String Quartet. 5'

Perf. 29th October, 2014, RNCM
Pettet Quartet


Trio for Piano, Flute and Bass Clarinet (2014) 

Piano Trio (Fl, Bcl[Bb], Pno). 5' 
Perf. Sept 2014, RNCM

Commissioned by the In Memoriam: Jonathan Harvey Festival


Cotton Mills (2013)

Choir & Ensemble (SATB, Fl, Ob, Bsn, Hn[F], Tpt[Bb], Tbn, Perc, Vln, Vla, Vc). 20’

Perf. 12th May, 2013, RNCM

Commissioned by the Bury Choral Society

With Furnace, Hammer (2012) 

Percussion Duo. 7'

Perf. 2012, Gold Medal Winners Concert, RNCM

Aurora Percussion Duo
Commissioned by RNCM Gold Medal Festival


Infernal Origins (2012)

Orchestra. 6'

Perf. Apr 2012, RNCM
RNCM Brand New Orchestra/cond. Carlos Del Cueto 


Changing Reign (2012)

Large Ensemble. 6'30"

Perf. 7th Mar 2012, Martin Harris Centre

RNCM New Ensemble and Vaganza / cond. Andy Gregory

Commissioned by the New Music North West Festival

Europa (2011) 

Orchestra. 4'30"
Perf. 13th Oct 2011, RNCM 

RNCM Brand New Orchestra/cond. Andy Gregory


Ganymede (2011)

Trumpet and String Quartet. 8'

Perf. 30th June, 1st & 2nd Jul 2011, Victoria Baths
Adrian Williams and the Prism Quartet

Commissioned by the Victoria Baths Project

Io (2011) 
Solo Trumpet. 3'

Perf. 14th June 2011, RNCM
Adrian Williams 

Commissioned by the Christopher Rouse Festival

Another Warning to Children (2011) 

Tenor, Actor and Accompanist. 5'
Perf. 4th May 2011, RNCM

Jasper Brownrigg (tenor), Rebecca Starling (actor) & Cho-Yen Lee (Accompanist)


In December (2011)

String Orchestra. 7'
Perf. 26th March 2011, St Paul’s Cathedral, Sale

Sale Chamber Orchestra / cond. Richard Howarth

Commissioned by the Sale Chamber Orchestra


The Shears of Light (2011) 

SATB Choir. 5'30"
Work. 8th Mar 2011, RNCM

BBC Singers / cond. James Morgan


Gathering (2012) 

Small Ensemble. 3'30"
Work. 21st Jan 2012, RNCM

Manchester Camerata / cond. Eduardo Portal


Sweet (for Strings) (2006)

String Orchestra. 3'30"
Perf. Tasmanian String Camp Concert 2006

Tasmanian String Camp Orchestra / cond. Willem Van der Vis


Dragonfly (2005)

String Quartet. 2'

Perf. unknown date at Festival in Launceston, Tasmania

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